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The Continuing Importance of Texting in Emerging Markets

Here is a cool article showing that texting is becoming ubiquitous across both wealthy and developing countries: Global Texting Rampant, Generates Billions In U.S. Revs. Today in the United States, with the rise in the use of social media, texting has begun to feel like an antiquated feature of our mobile phones. It turns out, that although social networking is extremely popular in wealthier nations, people from developing countries still rely heavily on texting. The above article quotes that approximately 75% of cell phone owners text and that texting is the most common in two of the world’s poorest nations: Indonesia and Kenya.

In wealthier markets, texting is beginning to face heated competition against internet-based messaging alternatives. In fact, Juniper Research has forecasted that global revenue from texting will peak in 2011. It seems to me that although texting may begin to decline in usage in more mature markets, there is still such great untapped potential in developing countries that the use of texting still has room to grow.

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